My Early Mustang war 2004 bei Nuclear Blast. In dieser Zeit haben sie folgendes Alben herausgebracht:

• Driving Down (Info)
• Miss You (Info)
• My Early Mustang (Info)

The band was founded at the beginning of 2003 and consists of the creative masterminds of the likes of Liquido (Tim, vocals/guitar; Wolle, drums), Flyswatter (Flo, vocals/guitar) und Tristesse (Andy, bass). The goal was set: four guys wanted to meet in order to put their cards regarding rock music on the table.

The idea of a common group had been existing for quite some time in the member’s heads but in spring 2003 the time seemed right to start My Early Mustang’s engine. After the first rehearsals it was obvious to everybody involved in the project that this promising outfit was meant to stay.
The Mustangs are no strangers to the international music business: We don’t need to waste too many words on Tim and Wolle. Apart from three highly acclaimed albums “Liquido”(1999), “At the Rocks”(2000) and “AlarmAlarm”(2000) Liquido attained major chart success with the singles “Narcotic”(1998), “Doubledecker”(1999) and “Play some Rock”(2000). They were also honoured with various gold and platinum awards at home as well as abroad, not to mention the countless nominations such as Echo, Comet, Amadeus Award, Eins Live Krone, RSH Gold to name only a few.
It goes without saying that Tim and Wolle are probably one of the most successful songwriter and producer duos in the German Alternative scene today. And with over 40 productions in 12 years under their belts they are also one of the most hard-working. Some time ago both also joined forces to spawn Pyogenesis, another project which has unleashed a number of international albums on the music scene since 1990.
As producers they have teamed up with Liquido, Pyogenesis, Gut, LSD Underground and Flyswatter.
Furthermore the Maier/Eiermann team has contributed music to the soundtracks of the Bernd Eichinger production “Knallharte Jungs” and the American film “Igby”. In cooperation with “Pringels” and “Tuborg” they wrote jingles for European TV ads.

Flo, lead singer and guitarist for Flyswatter has also been active in the music scene for many years now. He can look back on two Flyswatter albums which gained access to the Japanese, British and American market and were widely praised throughout the music press.

Tristesse´s Andy is the epitome of the German punk community and with the 1997 longplayer “Wir sind gespannt wie´s ausgeht” he presented one of the most impressive German punkrock releases ever.

This fall My Early Mustang will introduce its high-octane debut EP to the music world. Produced in Düsseldorf’s Whale Studio and mastered by Kai Blankenberg in the Skyline Studios this thing is all filled up, ready to go ... and definitely built to last. The CD includes 5 tracks which lay down the whole musical range of My Early Mustang: Two outstanding singers and overpowering guitars create the spine of an energetic rock music full of sparkling emotions and catchy hook lines.
No fillers, one hit follows the other without denying the band’s own Hardcore/Punk roots. Some might wanna call it “Emo” ... we call it ROCK!

Coming winter, at the latest, My Early Mustang will hit the road for an extensive tour and everybody will get the chance to be convinced by their energy fuelled live performance, all the others will be passed and left in the slow lane. If you don’t want to end up on the shoulder, shift into high gear and never forget: UP THE MUSTANGS!!