MYSTIC PROPHECY war von 2003 bis2004 bei Nuclear Blast. In dieser Zeit haben sie folgende Alben herausgebracht:

• Regressus (2003, Info)
• Never Ending (2004, Info)

MYSTIC PROPHECY became one of the biggest surprises within the global metal scene for the last years, standing for powerful and dynamic metal, hardly found in our days.

Searching a name that captures and describes their sound, vocalist R.D. Liapakis came up with the name MYSTIC PROPHECY, which stands for the intensity of their unique sound. Although each member of the band is playing in other acts, MYSTIC PROPHECY always was supposed to be a real band, which plays live and keeps to its line-up.

With their debut album “Vengeance” MYSTIC PROPHECY seemed to fill in a gap within the scene, receiving great reviews all over the globe. Especially vocalist R.D. Liapakis (Valleys’s Eve) makes them being something special, his both rough and melodic voice gives their music a very special feeling. With the addition of star-guitar player Gus G. (Dream Evil), the band found the right member to take their music to another level. The basis for all this is done by the swedish drummer Dennis Ekdahl (Raise Hell) and former Stormwitch bass player Martin Albrecht.

Now with “Regressus” comes the second album of the band, which proves that they can even top the high quality of their debut. “Regressus” is even more aggressive and powerful, featuring twelve neckbreaking tracks every metal fan has to discover. Songs like “Calling From Hell”, “Night Of The Storm” or “When Demons Return” speak for their own – just get into it and enjoy! “Regressus” was mixed by Eroc (Grip Inc, Philipp Boa and others), who gave them exactly the sound they need.
Nuclear Blast Records was immediately interested after listening the album and a contract was signed within a week.On the 16th of june “Regressus” will be released, so you can convince yourself about the high quality of this international line-up. Enjoy it!

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